Import & Export Business

We have collected different brands and types from all over the world, and introduced them to various markets and major customers.

(Export) In response to the needs of customers in varies countries, we search from all over the world for different ingredients and materials. We then export and ship directly these products from their origin to the desired countries, cities, and respective customers.

(Import) Locally, we are constantly introducing major brands and varieties from all over the world to different social classes, restaurants, and major customers. With the latest information, our business patrons / customers can make choices that suit their needs in any aspects.

Restaurants & Catering Business

Catering business in Hong Kong is fully matured, hence the demand for ingredients increase immensely. We are committed to search for the ingredients that match with business customers’ need, and to provide them with a stable / non- interrupt supply.

Our major sales business customers include Parknshop, Wellcome, YATA, Fresh, City Super, Market place, Taste, Fusion, Three Sixty, etc.

In addition, we also provide food and material services to chain group restaurants such as, Tai Hing, Café de Coral, Fairwood, TAM-CHAI, Gyu-KaKu HK, etc.

Online & Retail Store Business

In the recent years, online sales have developed rapidly. Customers’ desire and demand for better style and quality of food ingredients has improved, thus giving rise to another new sales model.

n view of this, in keeping with the rapid market demand, we have formed another team, specially cater to develop new product items. This team , in particular, searches for the latest ingredients of highest quality from different countries, then re-packaging in petite / lighter size for a refreshing look .

In addition, we also provide an online retail store, so that customers can have easy access at their convenience to finding all related information on all our products.

Agent brand

Our company's procurement (purchasing division) consist of a team of specialist with different experience in various fields. The procurement sources come from different countries, including((China, the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, etc.........
Our purchasing team interact directly with these suppliers to ensure first-hand contact with the best price and the freshest source in order to deliver to our customers.
We are tactile to the needs of the market, constantly innovate to bring out the best varieties to our patrons / customers.

實體商店 Shop address

地址 : 荃灣青山公路459-469號華力工業中心8樓G
Address : Unit G, 8/F, Wah Lik Ind. Centre, No.459-469 Castle Peak Rd, Tsuen Wan, H.K
星期一至五 Monday to Friday
營業時間 Office Hours 9:00 – 17:30
星期六 Saturday
營業時間 Office Hours 9:00 – 13:30
公眾假期休息 Public Holidays Off


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